Medical Coding and Billing Degrees

Medical Coding and Billing Degrees

Medical coding and billing is a great career opportunity if you want the ability to choose between working from home or working in a hospital or clinic environment. Many people in this profession do both jobs simultaneously, while some do either medical billing or coding but not both. Regardless of which you choose, you many different school options to get your certificate or degree. Once you have the right schooling, you will be on your way to becoming a medical coder or medical biller.

Types of Degrees

Most often getting your degree in medical coding and billing will be a certificate that shows you have completed the proper coursework. However there are also Associate and high level degrees. The higher level degrees will simply offer more advanced coursework and additional courses so that your career can actually go beyond medical coding and billing and into management or administrative work in the medical industry. You can get your medical coding and billing degree either online or at local colleges and universities. Completing your coursework online would give you the option of working while you attend school for your degree.


You’re most likely wondering if the degree program will be worth it in the end. As an example, the average starting salary for a medical coder is $22,927 and the average starting salary for a medical biller is $12,588. These are starting salaries and only averages so your salary could differ based on the type of degree you get, if you have any work experience, where you live, who hires you and other details.

Job Outlook

Medical billing and coding are of the highest growing occupations in the health industry, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This means that if you pursue a degree in medical coding and billing, you have a great chance at having a rewarding and lucrative career. Some of the places you might work for are in hospitals, clinics, insurance firms, outpatient surgery centers, and for private practice physicians or other healthcare practitioners.

About Medical Billing and Coding

The medical billing and coding field involves a wide variety of aspects billing patients for their doctor visit, surgery and procedures as well as coding which helps prepare paperwork and charts for the medical biller. You may also perform both of these tasks, especially in a small doctor’s office setting like for a private practitioner. Some of the tasks you can expect to do as a medical biller or coder are reviewing charts, processing claims, reviewing, and updating the policy coverage details, maintaining and creating invoices for patients, consulting with the doctors and nursing staff, coding diagnosis, procedures and treatments, assisting patients with their billing questions, and being sure to maintain confidentiality at all times. Image Credit: Shutterstock