How To Keep Your Momentum In Your Career

How To Keep Your Momentum In Your Career

Life can seem like a real tug of war sometimes. Things can be going perfect and then suddenly take a turn for the worse.

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While most of us expect a bit of chaos here and there, sometimes drama can continue to pile up, causing you to lose momentum in your career, life goals, education, or job search.

So, how do you maintain your momentum in your career when the worst situations strike? Here’s how:

1. Practice shaking it off.

It’s easy to let defeat settle and completely dominate any success you’ve experienced in any area of your life. But if you practice letting problems roll off of your back, you’ll be a lot happier, and more likely to keep your stride.

So, what if your cheat day turned into a three day indulgence? And so what if you didn’t get the position you thought would change your life and career forever?

Shut down those negative feelings and thoughts, and shake it all off. Remember that things don’t always go as planned (no matter how badly you want them to). You can always try again (and yes, you are so worth it).

2. Share your experiences with others.

A great way to keep your momentum is by including others in your journey.

Not only will your dedicated support system hold you accountable, but it will also stop at nothing to keep you on track.

Pick 3 people that are great listeners, have always encouraged you, and can help you reframe your perspective in the event something bad happens. Don’t forget to return the favor, and give as much support as you can to the people that uplift you each day.

If you can’t think of three people, try networking more or pick three things that you can surround yourself with in the event life hits. These things can be a favorite class, inspirational music or podcasts, or a hobby that always helps you refocus and destress.

3. Be your biggest advocate.

When all else fails, sometimes you have to be your own coach. Practice thinking and speaking positive things about yourself and/or situation. After you shake off those negative vibes and reach out to a friend, tell yourself everything is okay and move on to your next course of action.

Just because life throws you a curveball you weren’t ready for, doesn’t mean you give up and let your progress go down the drain. Pick yourself off and press on.

Momentum isn’t earned, and you definitely aren’t born with it. Momentum is learned, and is something that you dedicate yourself to and practice daily. You can only be as unstoppable as you think. You can only progress and do great things if you allow yourself to.

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