The World’s Top 5 Most Unusual & Dangerous Careers

Many of us often take for granted the comfort and safety of office work, but you might change your minds about the luxury of an office chair when you see Crofton Injury Claim’s list of the most unusual and dangerous careers in the world. Related:5 Exciting Career Moves That Will Change Your Life The chosen five have beaten fire fighters, stunt men, high rise window cleaners, and mill workers to claim their position as the World’s most dangerous careers. The winners are varied; some prove the unpredictability of working with animals while others illustrate the dangers of battling nature every day. Fishermen often work long hours, seven days a week. They not only battle the rough Atlantic sea and low light levels, but also fatigue and often injury and have one of the highest mortality rates of any profession. Crocodile wrestlers are much respected among Thai society, bringing an appeal to working up close with one of the world’s most dangerous animals. However, relying on a wild creature takes personal safety out of your control, leaving it to the mood of the animal on the day. Some of the industries we came across are nearly extinct due to danger levels. Becoming a matador is now a rare career opportunity, with animal rights groups working to close down the traditional bull fights across Spain, while open sea pearl diving has also nearly been eradicated thanks to the introduction of Japanese pearl farms. But while there are still those determined to hold on to their country’s traditions it will be a while before these careers vanish completely. These may be unusual careers, but for most people ensuring your safety in the workplace should be a major part of any career decision. However, unfortunate incidents can occur in the workplace regardless of how far away you may be from crocodiles or the Atlantic. No matter your job, it is of paramount importance that your employer has the proper procedures in place to ensure that you are safe in your working environment. So while your job may sometimes seem a little dull and you might even wish there were more opportunities for nerve-wracking excitement, have a look at our list below to discover whether these dangerous and sometimes life threatening careers, are the right way to brighten up your Monday mornings. Top Unusual and Dangerous CareersThis is a guest post.

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