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5 Exciting Career Moves That Will Change Your Life

5 Exciting Career Moves That Will Change Your Life

So, you have been sitting in the same spot at the office for a few years and it seems that you are at a dead end. Staring at the same screen for nine hours every day, processing email after email, and scrambling to meet deadlines... all the while you have been wondering whether or not this job is rewarding enough for you. Perhaps the feeling that this is not where you are supposed to be has been burning away inside, and finally you begin to really care about the issues this may be causing on your mental and even physical health. Related:3 Very Real Reasons You Should Make A Career Shift It could be time for a change. If you are concerned that an office job is no longer for you and the health care risks of such a career as outlined in this WebMD article are not worth the hassle, then explore some potential career moves that could change your life. Here are a few:

1. Find A Job In Health, Social Care Or Nursing

This option is top of the list because of the reward factor involved with most social care jobs. This type of career may apply mainly to women as they are typically seen as the more caring gender, although there are lots of men taking jobs in the health and social care sector as explained by The Guardian. The reason this could be a good career move is because of the amount of positive human interaction involved and the flexibility of the work. You will find yourself building new friendships with the kind of people you don’t normally meet, which is the rewarding aspect that many health and social care workers say is the main reason for pursuing such a career. In the UK, social care is a growing sector with many organizations such as KentSCP now working with the government and NHS to improve the standard of care for service users and training for candidates.

2. Start Your Own Business

Perhaps something that we have all considered at some point in our lives is self-employment. The idea of working on your own time and for your own personal profiteering mission rather than some faceless corporation, often remains simply as a dream for the majority of us. But, it is a career move that many feel is necessary in the current economic climate as it enables you to create a job for yourself. Before slapping your resignation letter down on your bosses desk, make sure you get a business plan together, you can find some useful templates on the government website and also some sound advice. If you have an awesome idea for a creative business, then you may need funding. You can get really good financing and expert mentoring from government funded programs.

3. Pursue Your Creative Side

Each of us has the ability to turn our hand to something creative and this side of our being is not usually supported while in an office environment. There are hundreds of opportunities in the creative industries such as:
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Film and media
  • Makeup
  • Writing
Some of those career options may seem unrealistic at first but the truth is you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it, especially given the amount of resources available online designed to assist in learning and career changes. You could, in fact, combine a more creative career with the previous option of starting your own business or being self-employed.

4. Shape Up A Career In The Fitness Industry

Moving into the fitness industry could be as simple as turning a hobby into a job for many people, especially if you enjoy going to the gym several times a week. You could become a personal trainer and get yourself a job as such at your local gym, or perhaps even start your own business as a fitness instructor to private clients. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that your health care issues from years of office work would no longer be a factor if you manage to successfully switch to a career in fitness!

5. Become A Skydiving Instructor

Our final option in this career change list is quite extreme but does provide something for the potential adrenaline junkies out there. This job certainly isn’t for everybody but you can rest assured it is not as boring as sitting in the office! To become qualified as a skydiving instructor you must be prepared to jump out of a plane on a regular basis. Before you are allowed to take anybody else’s life into your own hands, you must have been in the parachuting sport for a couple of years and completed more than 100 jumps.

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