10 Little Things That Trigger Big Career Moves

10 Little Things That Trigger Big Career Moves

As success-minded people, you and I are always looking for the fastest, easiest ways to accelerate our careers and achieve more success. Related:3 Steps To Move Ahead In Your Career And that’s what I want to give you here... These 10 little things are the GameChangers... the little things you can do now that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

10 Little Things That Trigger Big Career Moves

So, whether you’re considering changing careers or looking to accelerate yours - here are 10 little things that trigger big career moves.

1. Attending a seminar, conference, or event

Between the inspiring content and successful people who tend to frequent these events, personal and professional development conferences can be GameChangers!

2. Do more of what you love

It’s easy to get lost in the routine, discipline, (and sometimes boredom) of day-to-day life. Yet, putting more focus into doing what you love can pay big dividends - even if it has nothing to do with your career. At the very least, you’ll come back to work feeling refreshed. At best, new opportunities or connections may arise linking what you love to do to your career.

3. Get a mentor

Connecting with someone who’s already achieved success in what you’re trying to do is one of the best ways to accelerate your own success.

4. Read frequently

It’s no secret... the more you invest into yourself, both personally and professionally, the more value you can provide - and the more attractive you are to employers. So read frequently, and always be developing yourself.

5. Find & follow a proven path

There are simple, proven paths to achieving success, wealth, and happiness - you just have to find them and follow them. Many leaders have come before you and documented their journey, so take advantage of that wisdom, and shave years off your journey.

6. Go on an adventure

Traveling, especially for more than a couple of weeks at a time, can be a life-changing experience. Taking time to explore the world and connect with random people living totally different lifestyles can create clarity about what you really want in life - and provide the courage you need to pursue your dreams.

7. Connect with your purpose

Make the decision to delve in and define your purpose in life, and then only pursue opportunities that are in alignment with it. You’ll find that you get far more than just a paycheck out of your work when you do this... A great place to start is with this resource guide of 14 job sites containing thousands of inspiring opportunities with purpose-driven organizations.

8. Offer to work for free

Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) is a huge proponent of finding the best person out there you could possibly learn from, and then doing whatever it takes to work for that person. Usually, the easiest way to guarantee this is to offer to work for free. I got my first real job (which also happened to be my dream job) after college by offering to work for free for three months. Fortunately for me, they offered to pay me a salary, however, I wouldn’t have gotten that opportunity if I hadn’t impressed them by being willing to work for free. If this is a good fit for you and the person you’re working for is a rockstar, then the connections and wisdom you gain in your time there will serve you far better than any salary.

9. Network online

Start following your heroes on social media, as well as companies you look up to. See if you can offer insightful comments on their posts or provide value to them in some way - whether that’s offering a testimonial, telling them if there’s an error on their website, or sharing a valuable resource with them.

10. Choose to work for a GameChanging company

GameChanging companies are purpose-driven, and they make a profit as well as a difference in the world. Choosing to only work for one of these types of companies can create a lot more fulfillment in your life - as well as fun (some of these companies, like Zappos or Google have amazing offices and cultures - check them out). You can find thousands of these types of opportunities in this resource guide.

Your Next Steps

You don’t have to apply all of these 10 tips… just pick the ones that resonate with you most, and take action on them today. And if you’re looking for more fulfillment, enjoyment, and purpose in your career, then be sure to claim your dream job resource guide containing 14 job sites and thousands of inspiring opportunities, right here.

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