Negotiating: From Salary To Your Next Career Move [FREE WEBINAR]

Negotiating: From Salary To Your Next Career Move [FREE WEBINAR]

From negotiating salary to negotiating your next career move, Mariela Dabbah shares it all in a webinar that cannot be missed! Do you feel insecure about your negotiating skills? Do you get so anxious when it’s negotiating salary time that you actually avoid the negotiation all together? Until you figure out why these uneasy feelings of inadequacy arise, you will continue to leave money on the table and see opportunities pass you by. What’s worse, until you ramp up those negotiating skills, you will continue to feel disengaged at work, which in turn leads to stagnation, and a lack of motivation and excitement for what you do. Why work so hard if you are not going to enjoy what you do and reap the benefits of your labor? Here’s an empowering thought: When it comes to negotiating skills women have a ton of advantages over men, such as being great listeners, being excellent at building consensus, and having an empathetic nature. The secret is to be ultra aware of your advantages and to learn how to use them for your own benefit. Combine that with some killer strategies and you’ll never complain that you make less than your male counterparts again. (Or, if you still do, you’ll know that is time to leave the company where you work!) So, here are two keys ideas to help you change your perspective when entering a negotiation.

  1. Regardless of the perception or what the other part wants you to believe, you are always negotiating with a person (not a corporation or a department.) Tap into your empathetic self and connect with that person. What outcome would make him/her happy? What can you propose to help them meet their goal without compromising yours?
  2. Tap into your flexibility gene and forget the restrictions that whatever you’re negotiating seems to have. (When negotiating salary, it may be the amount, but when negotiating a contract, it may be certain terms and conditions.) Think out of the box as if there were no limitations and come up with any potential options to help the other party and you walk away with the desired outcome. This may involve bartering services, or owning a project jointly, and so on.

What’s Next?

If you want to get rid of the knot in your stomach every time you hear the word “negotiation”, you can’t miss this date. Join Mariela Dabbah for her webinar "Negotiating Skills: From Salary to Your Next Career Move" as she shares the fundamental insights that will reveal old thinking patterns that are interfering with your own goals.

Some Key Learnings Include:

  • What does it mean to be prepared for a negotiation?
  • What’s negotiable?
  • How do I know when to walk away from negotiating salary?
  • What are some creative ways to negotiate that are being underutilized?
  • Plus a Q & A at the end.
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