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As a coach, I am often asked, "How can I tell if this is the right opportunity for me?" When opportunities to advance your career present themselves, it is critically important that you make sure the opportunity is RIGHT for YOU! Watch: 9 Things You Can Do Today To Create Career Success Here are three simple questions to ask yourself the next time you are approached with the opportunity for promotion or a broadening assignment.

1. Will you gain additional exposure?

If your goal is to advance to the highest levels in your company, make sure the role is in a mission critical area of the company and provides you with P&L (Profit & Loss) responsibility. If you are not at a level where P&L responsibility is appropriate, make sure the role creates opportunity to work with key leaders at the Executive Level, and showcases your unique skills and abilities.

Will you enhance core skills like strategic planning?

Leaders will take a chance on you when they believe they can trust your judgment. That means demonstrating key management skill like strategic planning and execution. Make sure the opportunity allows you to demonstrate your ability to resolve complex issues.

Does the opportunity align with your personal career objectives?

I have seen it happen all too often - in the name of a broadening assignment, you choose to do work that does not support your long-term career objective. It is not enough to take on an assignment simply because your company thinks this is the "right" next role for you. Make sure you will gain the necessary skill to take you to your desired next level of career success. The more complex and high profile the new role, the more critical it is that you have strong sponsorship support to advocate when you are successful and mitigate your risk in the event you fall short of the companies expectations. As you evaluate this new opportunity, make sure you will be supported and given the resources necessary to be successful.

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