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New Jobs In The Online Gaming Industry

New Jobs In The Online Gaming Industry


New JobsThe United States Department of Justice recently changed their views regarding the Federal Wire Act of 1961, and with that change of opinion, several states have begun to take steps to implement iGaming in one form or another.

At present, only three states have legalized iGaming, but numerous states have begun to explore the issue due to the promise of jobs for their citizens and increased tax revenues for the state. With the growth of iGaming, new jobs related to the industry are opening. Today, we take look at some of those jobs.

iGaming Security Specialists

One of the major concerns surround iGaming in the United States revolved around the security of online games. In addition, the current growth in iGaming is happening at the state level. This means that states have to insure that only residents of those states can access sites.

Online security specialists will be needed in order to assure the security of these games. While some states will have these jobs limited by the number of land-based casinos in the state, other states like Nevada will open their iGaming borders to anyone willing to apply for a permit. Considering that iGaming in the U.S. is in its infancy, the growth potential for these jobs is high.

Auxiliary Jobs

The growth of iGaming in the United States will bring with it numerous support and auxiliary jobs in relation to the sites being created. The entry level positions that it will create will be customer service jobs in relation to the sites. Every site will need to have staff that answers customer complaints, assist with everyday issues, and act as the face of the company to customers.

In addition, these sites will create numerous positions in the area of IT support, web design, SEO, and marketing. Each individual site will require a team of people to help keep it updated and properly marketed to the general public. While these jobs may be as high profile as others, the sheer number that will be needed in time will make a significant impact on the job market.

Game Related Jobs

An article entitled Four Job Opportunities in the Online Poker Industry highlighted the need for poker ambassadors and prop players. To expand this idea, iGaming sites will need prop players and brand ambassadors for many of the games on their site. Prop players are used by sites to keep games alive while brand ambassadors are used as a public face of a company.

You may have noticed how online poker sites of the past have hired pro players to represent them. Future iGaming sites will surely employ the same concept as they hope to use the popularity of popular gambling celebrities to draw users to their site.

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