Not Getting The Credit You Deserve? Do This

How many times has this happened: You come in early and leave late burning the candle at both ends to get a project completed on-time and then your boss or a colleague takes all of the credit for your hard work? What do you do? Related: How To Convince Your Boss You Deserve A Promotion First, here’s what you shouldn’t do. You should not allow this type of behavior to persist. If you are not being given the proper credit you deserve for projects you participate in, senior leaders will never have a reason to promote you and increase your pay. When you’re not being given the credit you deserve, this is what you do:

Pull your team aside

Isolate the person/people responsible for taking all of the credit. Professionally and respectfully ask that each person’s roles and responsibilities be accounted for next time. It may go against conventional wisdom to confront your co-workers or even your boss, but it’s necessary in an environment in which you’re dealing with competitors who are all competing for the same thing you are, which is job security.

Take a more active role next time

When the next presentation comes up, be proactive and take it upon yourself to structure or re-structure presentations in a way in which everyone is highlighted for their participation. Not only will this make you look good by highlighting the work you performed, but it will also highlight the work performed by your team members. This then makes everybody look good and since you took the initiative to highlight everyone’s participation, you’ll remain in the good graces of your colleagues and managers.

Speak up

It is better to be seen than unheard. Studies indicate that in the corporate environment, nice guys finish last. People who speak up and take credit for their work and their achievements are more often than not the ones who gain promotions and raises, and climb the corporate ladder. It is imperative in your career that when given the opportunity, you take the stage and present your team’s project. If you do not work in an environment that is structured this way, then you must make sure to participate actively in meetings.

Find a new job

If all else fails and your colleagues and/or manager continue to take credit for your work, you should consider looking for employment elsewhere. As previously stated, you will never advance in your career if senior leaders are unaware of your contribution to their company.

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