Turn Your Passion for Photos into a Satisfying Career

Turn Your Passion for Photos into a Satisfying Career

Attending a school that offers a photography or design program can turn a passion or aptitude for taking photos or visual design into a lucrative career. There are a number of career paths that are open to someone with a degree in design. Photography is one of the major tracks a person can choose when working toward completing a design degree.

Career Paths With a Design Degree in Photography

There are a number of career paths a person with a design degree can head down. Some of them are obvious. These include careers working for magazines or freelancing while catering to various industries such as weddings, the fashion world, and the culinary world. Some are not so obvious but they include film industry needs, product presentation, publishing industry needs, and more. Any industry that has a need of photos is wide open for anyone looking to enter into a photography career. Many companies now use freelance photographers, too, so having a design degree in photography increases the success a person has as a freelance photographer. Of course, natural talent is a huge asset as well. However, it is necessary to choose one of the many photography colleges wisely to ensure the path forward is smooth.

How to choose the Right School

The first consideration in choosing a photography program is whether you will study online, at a campus, or choose a hybrid option. Online options are great for people who want to complete the degree around existing work and family schedules. There is a drawback to completing this type of visual degree online, though. Though a good deal of modern photography is digital, there is a benefit from attending classes on campus. The reason for this is that you will benefit from learning lighting, exposure and lens techniques with the advantage of having the professor on hand. It is possible to clearly convey some things via video, audio or text, but certain photography techniques are hard to learn without hands-on instruction. If a work schedule is impossible to change to accommodate most classes, then finding a photography school with a hybrid program is likely the best option. That way, the convenience of online classes comes with the essential hands-on education components. However, where to start looking and how to choose? With comprehensive databases full of reputable schools, a short discerning questionnaire and a smart system for matching people with appropriate programs, a site like FindYourArtSchool.com can take the difficulty out of finding the right school. Article written by Anna HicksImage Credit: Shutterstock