Top 5 Pharmacist Jobs In The U.S. For 2013

A career in pharmacy may be just right for you if you are interested in medicine. Most people know pharmacists as the friendly people behind the counter who sell medicines in drug stores. But that's only one of the many different types of pharmacist jobs. The scope of pharmacy is wide and there are many career options you can choose from, such as a retail pharmacist and clinical pharmacists. In the USA, pharmacists can expect to make between $89,000 and $114,000 per annum depending upon their experience. This makes it quite a lucrative career. However, this is not the only reason you should consider a career in pharmacy. Demand for trained pharmacists is projected to grow at a faster rate than that of any other profession between now and 2020. To become a pharmacist, you must have a Pharm. D. (Doctor of Pharmacy). This 4-year professional degree includes courses in pharmacology and medical ethics. After completing the degree, you must obtain a license by passing two exams, the first in pharmacy skills and knowledge and the second in pharmacy law.

Top Pharmacist Jobs In The U.S. For 2013

Here are the top five pharmacy jobs in the USA:

1. Retail Pharmacist

A retail pharmacist dispenses medicines at drug stores and sometimes in grocery stores. If you're interested in pursuing this career, you must be prepared to work long hours and during weekends. This is because most drug stores are open 24/7. But you will get excellent pay and benefits for your trouble and also get to interact with many people every day.

2. Clinical Pharmacist

A clinical pharmacist works in a hospital and assists the doctors and nurses. As a clinical pharmacist, you will be required to accompany the physicians on their round of patients and advise them on the most effective medication and doses for each patient.You must be prepared to work either dayshifts or nightshifts - sometimes both.

3. Nuclear Pharmacists

A nuclear pharmacist measures and delivers the radioactive materials used in digital imaging, such as MRI and CT scan, which have become such an important part of modern diagnosis. If you're an early riser, you will enjoy this job as you will be required to start work before dawn because radioactive materials must be delivered within a few hours of use for them to be effective.

4. Long-Term Care Pharmacists

Also known as closed-door-pharmacists because they do not interact directly with patients, long-term care pharmacists work in long-term care facilities and are responsible for stocking and organizing the carts of prescription and over-the-counter medications for each patient. However, they do have to administer the drugs as that is the responsibility of the nurses. If you're an introverted type who doesn't like to interact with people, then this may be the perfect pharmacy job for you.

5. Chemotherapy Pharmacist

A chemotherapy pharmacist mixes the chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients. But that's not the only thing you will do as a chemotherapy pharmacist. You may also be required to assess and review chemotherapy drugs to be used by the hospital in order to enhance the quality of pharmaceutical care. You will love this job if you have a special interest in helping cancer patients. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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