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How To Stay Happy At Work When You Have Long Hours

How To Stay Happy At Work When You Have Long Hours

Everyone has long work days every now and then. Sometimes, you have to put in extra time in order to get ahead. Related:4 Things You Can Do To Be Happier At Work Today However, those who consistently work more on a regular basis may be hurting their mental wellness. According to Shape Magazine, you are 200% more likely to develop depression if you work 11 hours a day (versus 8 hours). But what about the people out there that are required to work longer hours? Are they doomed to ultimately find themselves in a downward spiral? If you're one of these workaholics or overworked employees, check out these three quick tips for keeping yourself happy at work (and in life in general!).

Here are some suggestions for how to stay happy at work when you have a tough schedule.

1. Get A Plant

Turns out having a plant in the office can make you feel happier at work. According to an article in Live Science, a survey of 450 workers found 69 percent of the people who had plants felt "very happy." However, try to avoid getting a cactus plant. Because of it's spikes, the plant is considered bad feng shui.

2. Take Time To Talk To People

Get to know the people you work with everyday. After all, you spend the majority of your time around them, why not get get to know them? Socializing boosts your mood, so take a little time out of your workday to chat up your co-workers.

3. Re-Decorate Your Space

Surrounding yourself with things that make you happy will give you a little pep when you're feeling blue. Whether it's photos of your family or movie memorabilia, these little mementos will cue happy thoughts. Make sure to keep your space organized, though, since clutter has shown to increase stress.

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