Plan B Business Benefits

Plan B Business Benefits

In a recent blog post, I talked about how you can make a Plan B business work for you and get lifetime rewards.

This time I'd like to discuss how my Plan B biz has changed my life and the personal benefits that have made my experience far more than financial.

OK, I'm ADD, don't forget.

So, I'm not always as consistent as I could be, and when it comes to keeping things organized, uh... not great. Luckily, I chose a simple system that is hard to screw up. The main premise is that I simply share the information versus SELL (the dreaded “S" word). I am definitely not a sales person.

But, as with my career counseling and KidzArt, the franchise I founded, I could “sell" these with my hands tied behind my back.

The key is BELIEF.

I think this is true of most of us. If we believe in what we are sharing to the core, it becomes more of a mission than a prize, and yet we get both.

My personality is such I am not hard driven and will do whatever it takes at any cost, yet I have goals and a desire to succeed. So, for me, this business has gone slower than for others who have powered to millions within a year. The cool thing is I know it is possible. The great news is the only one judging me is me. I can take my time. I'm giving myself 4-5 years to build my business to a residual that will allow me to live a very comfortable life. It is very do-able and takes the pressure off to compare myself to anyone else.

I have been a student of “personal growth" in its many forms for 20-plus years. I've attended hundreds of workshops, read many books, and heard some of the best speakers. So, for me being part of an organization where personal growth is emphasized is the primary benefit. How I work this business is a direct reflection on who I am and how I operate in the world. It literally paves the way for me to become the best person I can be. Learning and growing never ends and the leaders in my organization are up there with the best of them.

Giving back is another benefit.

When I share the information and can help someone else realize his or her dreams, there is no greater reward. I get this double in my career counseling business and in my Plan B business, which also offers numerous volunteer opportunities to help children around the world. It is a company with a heart.

Amazing social connections have not come as easy to me since my divorce.

So, I looked for a Plan B where building connections was an important element. Mine has put me in touch with some of the most positive, uplifting and interesting people from all walks of life and all ages. We are all in this together and life is too short to be around negativity.

There is so much more.

Although we are all independent representatives of this company, we are not alone. The support is second to anything I have ever encountered, and tools are available that have helped me in the business and in all areas of my life.

The cost is almost ridiculous for what I have received.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very proud of the franchise system I created, KidzArt. It has helped children to build confidence and develop creativity, and entrepreneurs to make a living with art. But it costs thousands of dollars to break even for a franchisee. Yet for this business there is little to no overhead and the cost to begin is about the same as a somewhat high end purse. The value is just not comparable. I realize the franchise industry will probably scold me for this comment, but I have to be honest here.

You can become wealthy.

I suppose you are wondering why I put this so far down the list? Really there is no good reason. It is one of the facts of this business. Just understand that to become wealthy, you need to become committed and to “work" the business like a Plan A. That is if you want to go to the top. You get to decide. That decision is yours. In a corporate job, you are limited and there will be a ceiling on how much you can make.


You can do your Plan B Biz very part-time and keep your day job or even develop a career path and pursue your dream career.

Yes, you can easily have it all.

Shell Mendelson, founder of NB Careers, specializes in guiding individuals with Career ADD and Career Paralysis to define an authentic career direction. Click to download a FREE “Six Minute Quick Goal Setting" exercise and take the first step on your job search journey.

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