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Award-Winning Career Coach J.T. O'Donnell has 15+ years of HR and Recruiter experience and she wants to share her knowledge with you! Every week J.T. will be releasing new episodes.

J.T. Talks Jobs is for the everyday professional who is looking for help or advice in their career or job search. Topics will range from how to get a job to changing careers to even negotiating your salary.

Recent Episodes:

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5 Brand Pillars That Are The Foundation Of Your Brand

Brand pillars are the foundation of your brand and contribute to your overall brand DNA. There are five pillars: purpose, positioning, perception, personality, and promotion. Brand pillars help you define your unique characteristics and experiences, driving every consumer touchpoint to differentiate you from your competitors.

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Employees talk during a work meeting

Team dynamics can often be difficult to negotiate. At work, generally speaking, you are on a team and you contribute. The problem is that you also want to elevate your career and stand out to your boss. So, how can you do that without the rest of the team feeling like you are a jerk (or worse)?

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