Postcards for Your Business-of-One? It Worked for One Job Seeker!

By J.T. O'Donnell Today I heard an incredible story. A job seeker got very creative in her search for work. A graphics designer, she created a postcard using original artwork she created on the front. On the back, she listed all the URLs to her various social media links (i.e. her blog which showcased her portfolio, LinkedIn account, Visual CV, etc.) so the hiring manager could quickly look her credentials up online. She researched companies she admired and sent the postcards with hand written notes on the back to hiring managers at each organization, sharing in a sentence or two why she'd love the chance to speak with them. Guess what? She got a job! Now, this story made me wonder....could this same thing be done for more traditional jobs? I realize that she was showcasing her design work on the front of the postcard, but I think the whole concept is original and eye-catching. I'm mean, who gets a postcard anymore? So, what if us non-creative types came up with our own idea to grab the attention of hiring managers? For example, a salesperson could put their favorite quote on the one side in big letters. Or, a marketing person could list the top 10 reasons to consider him/her to get hired. Is it risky? A little, but at this point, when you are competing against hundreds of electronic and paper resumes, the right postcard to the right person might make a difference. For me, this story validates my constant reminder that, in the new economy, we are all businesses-of-one. So, why not market our small businesses as such? Online printing options make it affordable. You don't have to go to a huge printing house, you can create and even mail your business-of-one marketing materials via virtual print shops. What do you think? Could your business-of-one benefit from a little postcard promotion? Let me know if you try it!