Going On Vacation? 5 Tips For Getting Your Pre-Holiday Hustle On

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! If you don't prepare for your time off correctly, you'll end up stressed out and anxious. Who needs more of those things during the holidays?! Nobody. Here are some tips to help you get your pre-holiday hustle on so you can maximize your relaxation time with family!

1. Make a checklist (and check it twice!)

Create a checklist of things you need to complete a few weeks before your vacation. Consider it your road map to vacation! What HAS to get done before you can take time off from work or your job search? Make a list (and check it twice!).

2. Prioritize.

Once you have a list of things you need to get done before the holidays, prioritize them. Put them in order of most to least important. That way, you can make sure you tackle the big stuff first and you don't have to worry about it late in the game!

3. Create actionable goals.

Get specific when it comes to creating your goals. For more tips, check out these guidelines for creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

4. Help your co-workers out.

Everyone gets stressed out during the holidays, even your co-workers. Lend them a hand so they can enjoy the holidays, too. It's the season of giving, after all. Of course, make sure you don't take on TOO much of an additional workload!

5. Make sure everyone is in the loop.

Before you pack up and hit the road to spend some quality time with family and friends, make sure everyone knows what's up at work. Does a project you're working on have any loose ends that your co-workers should know about? The last thing you need when you come back from your holiday vacation is an angry email (or several) from your boss, co-workers, or clients. Make sure you send courtesy emails before you leave! So, use these tips to avoid holiday-related anxiety at work and get your pre-holiday hustle on this season! Happy holidays!

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