4 Ways To Have A Productive Job Search

Many clients complain that they don’t feel as if their job search efforts are getting them anywhere. They have no way to tell if what they are doing is working or not, but they continue doing the same thing day after day. You know the definition of insanity, right?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

1. Set Goals

The best way to have a productive job search is to have a job search schedule. However, you can’t really develop a good job search schedule until you have clear long term, short term, and daily goals. Write them down and consult them daily – modify as needed.

2. Vary Your Approach

Once you have solid goals, it's important that you vary your approach to job search. Sitting at the computer sending out online resumes and applications day in and day out will not get you very far. Further, doing that alone can make you insane! But most employers only want electronic versions of your resume or application – right? Wrong. Snail Mail is an underutilized communication technique that if used, can allow you to stand out above all the other applicants.

3. Research Your Target

It might take a little research to find the mailing address, fax number, phone number, or hiring manager’s name, but this is a necessary step in the process. Not only will these efforts make you stand out against the other applicants, but you will gain a renewed sense of productivity from varying your job search approach.

4. Create A Written Schedule

Create an actual written schedule that will force you to do different activities each day. This will not only help you cover all of your basis, but it will also help you maintain your sanity during this difficult period. In my article, "How To Job Search," I provide a simple job search schedule you can modify to suit your own needs. READ FULL ARTICLE ► Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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