6 Productivity Hacks Backed By Science

Are you caught up in piles of paperwork while trying to break through the series of incoming phone calls, simultaneously trying to sort out new projects and get back to those who are waiting to hear from you? Related:4 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work If you’re a professional multitasker, master of overtime work, and an expert on caffeine-packed energy boosters, yet you still spend your (rare) lunch breaks trying to crack the code of higher productivity – you’ve come to the right place. Scientists have carried out extensive research to find out the secrets to increased efficiency, and we have singled out the top six to help you ensure you take control of your time, and not the other way round. And so, if you thought napping at work and watching puppies online was a sign of disrespect, think again. Academics have proven that some of the commonly underestimated, or even criticized habits, may actually turn out to be the key to “productive” success. Apart from strolling away from your professional duties to watch a baby panda take its first step or letting yourself get wrapped in the arms of Morpheus, you should also consider giving up on the blind faith of multitasking and working around the clock. Treating yourself to a short break once every 90 minutes won’t automatically cause a catastrophic delay, but will definitely let you recharge your batteries, granting a fresh approach to your tasks. Equipped in new energy supplies, top them with a proper workout accompanied by your favorite song. This way, you’ll not only exercise the body, having blood stimulate your brain cells and enhancing your mental performance, but also the mind – with music working to improve your mood. Implementing all of the, seemingly, tiny changes into your daily working routine, you’re bound to notice the difference in… no time. Make sure to consult this infographic by CourseFinder to find out further details on how to do more in less time. This is a guest post.

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