By J.T. O'Donnell I recently got an e-mail from a guy who wanted to know if there were any entertaining career guidebooks on the market. He said he had gone to the library and taken a bunch of popular ones out (I shall not name names), but they all made him fall asleep. After I got over the initial, self-absorbed reaction of wanting to ask this guy if he realized I had written a career book, I decided to do the right thing and research some books that were both smart AND extremely funny. Here's why... I'm a huge believer in the 10,000 hour rule, which means you need to study and read up on a subject if you want to improve. Given that each person likes a different writing style, I think it's only fair I respond to the reader's request by trying to find something that might help him stay awake long enough to learn a thing or two, don't you? He needs humor as a way to engage in learning - I can respect that. Hey, I like funny too! So, I went to work and actually found, not one, but TWO hilarious and insightful guides. Check these out: Dig Your Job: Keep It or Find a New One - I've actually been reading the author's blog for some time now. GL Hoffman writes "What Would Dad Say," a no-nonsense and very humorous advice column for professionals. A serial entrepreneur himself, his self-proclaimed 5-word resume is "Frequently Wrong, Never In Doubt." There are over 200 short, easy-to-read career advice articles packed into this book which you can get as an e-book for only $9.99. Honestly, if you are lucky enough to get GL as your private career mentor (Hint: join Twitter and follow him), you are guaranteed to laugh all the way to a better job. For those who can't afford him (Do I even need to put the classic joke in here?), there's always the book. And, he's agreed to let me give away a copy to the person that posts the best six-word resume about themselves below. I'll be judging. The funniest six-word summary of your career woes wins! You have until this Friday (January 16th) to get in your entry. Whoa! My Boss is Naked - Jake Greene is also a blogger. It's called 'Jake on Jobs.' He e-mailed me a month ago to tell me he liked our blog, so I jumped on his blog to check it out and saw he had a book. The title alone had me intrigued, so I asked if he'd send me a copy to check out. He actually sent two! I opened the package and figured I'd glance a the intro and skim the chapters - one hour later, I was still reading. As Jake puts it, "This is a book for those who want to climb the ladder without becoming a corporate tool." My favorite is the test at the end that tells you if you have the potential to become a corporate tool and what kind you might be. Jake's book is $11.01 and can be grabbed here. And, if you want to try to win the extra copy I have, simply post why you don't want to become a corporate tool below. The best answer, chosen by me, will get the book. Again get your entry must be in by this Friday, January 16th. PS - YES, you can post answers for BOTH books - why not try to sweep the contest? J.T. O'Donnell is a nationally syndicated career strategist, author and founder of Check out the new CAREEREALISM University and CAREEREALISM Private Network which provide affordable private career coaching with JT.