4 Reasons To Quit Your Job To Be An Entrepreneur

4 Reasons To Quit Your Job To Be An Entrepreneur

Quit your job to be an entrepreneur? Sounds scary, right? But is it really? Thousands of corporate employees are telling their bosses goodbye every year to start their own businesses. Striving for the freedom and control they could never experience in a regular job - these mavericks are changing the face of our world. Are you next? Yes - you could be. Listen - if the pit of your tummy cries out for more; literally screams to break free from the 9 to 5 routine; then putting together a strategy for your own business might be the answer. You see - at our core we desire more. We were born for more. It’s in our blood. And in no time in history has it been easier to step out and be an entrepreneur. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) - 400 million people world-wide call themselves entrepreneurs. Are you ready to step up and be next in line?

4 Reasons To Quit Your Job To Be An Entrepreneur

Here are four reasons to consider a move to this new lifestyle:

1. Recognition and R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Yes, you want respect. You want to feel validated in a way thus far robbed by the corporate world or regular day-to-day job you live in. If you crave the feeling of respect and validation from your family, friends and peers; it might be your time to become the entrepreneur you always dreamed of. Believe me - there is something about the lifestyle of an entrepreneur which naturally attracts recognition and respect from those around you. I think most people look at entrepreneurs with a bit of awe and wonder. Maybe somehow just a little jealous to not be part of such an elite group. And even those entrepreneurs who give it a shot but come up short earn the recognition and respect of those around them. At least they listened to the growl inside and tried to do something about it. At least they tried.

2. Control

Most entrepreneurs I speak with finally take the plunge into entrepreneurship on the day they become sick and tired of not controlling their own destiny. Think about it - if you’re employed by someone else; then you’re automatically at their mercy. Period. If the ship goes down - regardless of the effort, talent and time you’ve put in - you’re out the door. And most of the time with zero notice and just a handful of beans as a token for your dedication. But what if the ship isn’t going down? Same thing. You’re still not the one in control of your destiny at work. Take heed my friend because the good old corporate umbrella of yesteryear is no more. Gone is the job security that once stood as a hallmark feature of working for “the man”. Times have changed and the sooner you recognize it - the sooner you can do something about it.

3. Freedom

Would it be nice to work the days you want and take off the days you don’t? Or decide to work from the beaches of Costa Rica in the summer and the slopes of Aspen during the winter? When you own your business - you can do pretty much whatever you want; whenever you want. It’s your gig and you’re the boss. One of the most tasty benefits of being an entrepreneur lies in the freedom to build your business around the life you choose. Yes - you’re free to build your work around your Ideal Life; instead of letting your work dictate the life you’re supposed to live. No more chains to hold you down. Imagine finally have the freedom to pursue the life you dream of without worrying about your job? Yes - this is the life of an entrepreneur.

4. Financial Rewards

Goodness - lest we forget the money and financial opportunities. Do you realize there is no better way to create wealth for yourself then by being an entrepreneur and business owner? Proven fact. Now I would be remiss to not throw in a disclaimer here; so please read carefully:

You are not guaranteed a huge pot of gold by being an entrepreneur.

Just because you decide to become an entrepreneur - does not mean you automatically are financially set for life. There are no guarantees on the money you’ll make and whoever tells you otherwise is pulling your leg. But here is the thing: if you really desire to live a life with no worries about money - entrepreneurship is your best ticket. And let’s not even talk about hitting a grand slam like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or even Mark Zuckerberg. No - I’m talking about just having the financial resources to live a very comfortable life. As an entrepreneur - this peace of mind is within your reach. So, what are you waiting for? Do you hear the sounds of entrepreneurship as it calls out your name? Don’t be afraid to step out. You can do it. You can break free from the bondage of your job and be the entrepreneur you dream of.

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