4 (No-Brainer) Reasons To Become An Independent Insurance Agent

Did you know? The insurance industry is losing lots of seasoned professionals due to retirement. As a result, the need for new insurance agents is climbing. I had the pleasure of working with two independent agents from Aflac recently who spoke about how to become an independent insurance agent. [Watch the video above to meet Evan and Matt - they're very nice guys.] My task was to explore why being and independent agent could be a great career move for many professionals. I've already written about the power of being an independent agent in terms of it's ability to make you an instant entrepreneur. Now, here are four more upsides I learned about with respect to this career path at Aflac:

#1 - No Experience, No Problem

If you listen to Evan and Matt in the video, you'll learn that most of the successful independent agents don't come from a previous insurance background. They are open to hiring career changers.

#2 - Training - Anyway You Want It

They don't just offer training, they offer a lot of it - and, in different formats (online, in classroom, on-the-job). Aflac realized that no two people learn the same way. They've created training to make sure you can get up-to-speed on your own terms.

#3 - Contests & Incentives Make Learning Fun

By setting up contests designed to drive the right behaviors, Aflac has figured out how to give you incentives to build good habits that will pay off in a successful career as an independent agent.

#4 - There's No Shortage Of Support

My favorite part about interviewing Evan and Matt was to see the connection between them. [Again, check out the video above!] It clearly shows how much Evan supported Matt on his journey to succeeding as an independent agent. So, if you're looking to make a career move, I encourage you to explore the upsides of becoming and independent agent. It's got a lot of potential! Want more information about becoming an Aflac agent, please visit www.aflac.com/agents. NOTE: Aflac is a content partner of this website and sponsor of this post. *Aflac herein means American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus and American Family Life Assurance Company of New York. Aflac agents are independent agents and are not employees of Aflac.

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