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Recently, I wrote an article for AOL Jobs on the subject of what you can do after Labor Day to get your job search in high gear. You can read it here. In short, I outline the three-step process that I coach people inside CareerHMO to use that gets results faster, and in less time. They are:

  1. Create a "Bulls-Eye List" of local companies you want to work for.
  2. Set up Google Alerts on each one.
  3. Network deep so you can make multiple connections within the companies on your list.

Networking Deep = Leverage LinkedIn

To effectively network deep today, you need to use LinkedIn. There just isn’t a better resource out there for connecting with people who can help you get considered for positions in the “hidden” job market. Here’s why... Recruiters are using Linkedin extensively today to find candidates. Instead of being blasted with resumes from people not qualified for their positions, they comb through profiles on LinkedIn using searches to proactively contact candidates that fit their needs. Thus, if you want to get noticed, you need to:
  • Have a LinkedIn profile that recruiters like.
  • Contact people that work at the companies on your list so they can forward your LinkedIn profile to their corporate recruiters.

5 'Must-Haves' for Your LinkedIn Profile

Find out how to generate one of these profiles by watching our FREE webinar called, "5 Things Recruiters Expect on a LinkedIn Profile." WATCH TRAINING NOW ► Here’s what you'll learn:
  • Five things recruiters expect to see on your profile - or they won't call you
  • How to create a profile in less than 30 minutes that will increase your chance of being called by a recruiter
  • Mistakes you are making (and probably don't realize) that are telling a recruiter NOT to contact you
  • Proactive measures you can take to get the attention of recruiters in your industry
Don't miss this session on the best way to use LinkedIn to get recruiters contacting you. Hired job seekers image from Shutterstock
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