Resume: The Real Reasons You Didn't Get the Interview

Resume: The Real Reasons You Didn't Get the Interview
You and your resume are perfect for the positions you apply for, yet companies never request an interview. The reasons for this situation might be outside of your control. Perhaps the job was posted to the public but the company favored an internal candidate; or the company was overwhelmed with responses and your resume was never even seen by the hiring manager; or someone else was a slightly better fit for the job. But a lack of response to your resume can be caused by problems that are under your control and definitely can be fixed:
  • Your resume passed the cut but your online presence (or lack of it) raised concern.
  • Your resume was not compatible with the company’s Applicant Tracking System (for example, you submitted a .jpg file).
  • Your cover letter did not measure up to your resume.
  • You bypassed part of the company’s application process or failed to answer an online question.
Don’t let that second group of problems sidetrack your job search. Resume interview image from Bigstock