'Career Rehab' Countdown: Resume Rehab

As part of our countdown to the launch of our new show "Career Rehab," we have put together a series of posts that focus on common career and job search problems. Today's question:
"All of the companies I want to apply for want me to send my resume online. Even though I follow up with an e-mail, I never seem to hear back. Should I just give up?" - Anonymous
Here's what our approved career experts had to say about online resumes:

Try a New Approach

"If one type of approach is not working, you need to think outside of the box for a new approach. Try connecting directly with the hiring manger. If they are not replying to emails try calling them directly. Be proactive and never give up!" (Gavin Redelman)

Make a Mini-Resume

"If your online resumes aren't getting attention, think about getting in front of people at networking events. You can have business cards printed relatively inexpensively and these can serve as mini-resumes. Increasingly, positions are being filled by connections rather than online job postings." (Amanda Haddaway)

Do an Informational Interview

"Don’t give up because you won’t find the dream job any other way. Start doing what it takes to get informational interviews. The personal contact makes more impact than simply a resume." (Dorothy Tannahill-Moran)

Use Better Keywords

"Resumes that incorporate keywords from the job description are more likely to get pulled by Applicant Tracking Systems, as long as you also have the required skills and relevant experience. Make sure you apply for jobs that are a good match for your background." (Julie Erickson)

Move On

“'Give up?' No. Accept reality, yes. You submitted your resume. They did not even bother to set up an automatic reply system confirming its receipt. What does that tell you about them? You sent a follow-up e-mail and received no reply. What does that tell you? If they are interested, they’ll be in touch. In the meantime, move on to the next opportunity." (Bruce Hurwitz) Have a question of your own? We love to hear from our readers. If you have a career question for us, feel free to submit it below! (Don't worry, you can remain anonymous if you choose). Resume rehab image from Bigstock

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In this week's episode of "Well This Happened", we want to know what you would do if you worked for an owner who micro-manages you my watching you work on camera and reading through your company emails.

We want YOU to be the career coach and tell us which one is the RIGHT answer!

Think you know? Vote below, and stay tuned for later this week when we announce the right answer (and why the other ones are wrong).

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