5 Tips For Revving Up Your Dwindling Motivation

5 Tips For Revving Up Your Dwindling Motivation

Motivation is an essential part of follow-through. If you want to accomplish something, whether it's finding a job or losing weight, you need to find ways to stay motivated. If you're having trouble revving up your dwindling motivation, try these tips:

1. Create a motivation playlist.

Get pumped UP! Put together songs that energize you when you listen to them. Change up the playlist every few weeks so the playlist stays fresh and motivating. Songs on my motivation playlist: “Confident” by Demi Lovato “I love it” by IconaPop “My House” by Flo Rida Q: What songs would make your list?

2. Use the “20 minute rule.”

I use this trick when I’m having trouble getting motivated to workout. The “20 minute rule” is when you tell yourself, “I’ll only do this for 20 minutes.” For me, once I start, I usually keep going.

3. Don’t give yourself time to make an excuse.

Again, this is a trick I use when I workout. If I sit on the couch putting off my workout, I always find an excuse to not do it. But, if I don’t give myself time to think and just put on my sneaks and workout gear, then drive to the gym, I’ve already committed to doing AT LEAST 20 minutes of a workout, which turns into much longer. Starting something is often the hardest part. Don’t give your “lazy” self time to sway you. Jump right in!

4. Surround yourself with driven people.

When you surround yourself with people who are driven, motivated, and successful, it rubs off on you. They are positive influences who can help you get on your game. Make an effort to hang out with these people more often. Also, think about your virtual mentors - people who inspire you from afar. Think: celebrities, successful business people, authors, and so on.

5. Reignite your passion.

Read a book, watch a TED Talk, or even watch a movie that inspires you. Find a way to reignite your passion and remind yourself WHY you're doing whatever you're doing. Never underestimate the impact of a little dose of inspiration.

Monthly Challenge

This month, I’m challenging all of my clients to say YES. I'm challenging all of my clients to say YES to anything that scares them. I just finished reading Shonda Rhimes new book, Year of YES. In it, she explains how she says "YES!" to everything that scares her, including saying yes to hard conversations and saying yes to saying NO to people. Very inspiring! I want to challenge you to say yes this December. What are you afraid of? Tackle it head on. Say YES to meeting new people. Say YES to public speaking. Whatever it is you're afraid of, find a way to say YES.

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