4 Tips to Handle the Scary 'Salary Requirements' Question
It's the worst part on the online application -- the "salary requirements" field. We all dread it. What are you supposed to say? Can you really ask for the salary you want without getting the boot? Don't be tempted to leave the field blank, however, don't just throw in a number without doing your research! In a recent article I wrote for AOL Jobs, I list four things you should do when handling the "salary requirements" question (that won't get you disqualified). READ THE FULL ARTICLE ► Image Credit: Bigstock
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Lynn Holland's go-to-market steps

Recently, a long-time colleague, the chief sales officer for a $21M technology company, reached out to catch up and asked for help to get to market in the primary vertical where I focus. He went on to share that his company made an initial go-to-market attempt by assigning a sales rep because of their familiarity with the product. He then admitted a modest return on their investment and a residual lack of knowledge of the industry, few connections, little brand recognition, or sales results. Fast-forwarding to today, he expressed urgency to relaunch with a short game to start generating revenue quickly and a long-term plan to establish themselves in the space.

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