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"I'm out of work, and need a job—fast!" relates a desperate job hunter to his friend. "So... what have you been doing so far?" she responds. "I'm networking like crazy! I'm calling everyone I know and saying: HELP ME!" The friend continues to probe, "And how's that working out for you so far?" "Not so well. No one seems to be getting back to me. No one is listening to what I need from them. So much for all this networking baloney I keep hearing about!" This job hunter isn't actually networking. He's floundering around and putting his immediate needs in front of building solid relationships, which is at the heart of solid networking. In my article which is published by U.S. News & World Report, I explain how this job hunter – and you – can succeed in building an effective network that will ultimately lead to a job. READ THE FULL ARTICLE ► Image Credit: Shutterstock
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