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As we gear up for the holidays, we may find ourselves shifting to a more altruistic state of mind. We begin to focus on the people we spend the most time with, which for most of us, include our friends and families. But what about our co-workers?

Statistics show that we spend 1/3 of our life at work. That's quite a chunk of time! At Work It Daily, we believe treating our colleagues with appreciation and kindness can be a great way to foster long-lasting relationships.

We also know how stressful and busy the holiday season can be, so we've come up with three simple ways to show appreciation for your co-workers this year:

1. Offer To Be A Helping Hand

Woman offers to help a co-worker during the holidays

We've all been there—100 things on our plate with family, kids activities, and work projects. Have you ever wished a genie could magically swoop in and finish all your to-dos for you? Chances are, if you're needing a helping hand, others around you may as well. It never hurts to offer to run an errand for a co-worker or finish a task for them.

Example: A co-worker forgot to buy wrapping paper. If you're at the store, pick up duplicates of gift wrapping supplies for them to save them a trip.

2. Say Thank You With A Treat

Co-worker says thank you by giving a colleague a gift

In the time of social media and digital gestures, a homemade treat or handwritten note can really make a positive impact on someone. Why? It shows you've gone out of your way to do something thoughtful for someone else.

Example: Your colleague loves brownies but cannot eat gluten. If you're a savvy baker, look up a gluten-free brownie recipe for them. Add a thank you note that summarizes a way they've helped you this year.

3. Nominate A Co-Worker For A Promotion Or Award

Man finds out he was nominated for a promotion at work by a co-worker

As the working year wraps up, year-end reviews can evoke a sense of anxiety but also excitement. Employees are reviewed for work performance and achievements.

If you know a co-worker that has gone above and beyond, but doesn't get the recognition for it, spend some time to send a written review to their manager describing the project they completed and how their contributions made a difference.

Example: If any awards or promotions are on the table, send your vote in and sincerely take time to describe why you feel this colleague deserves to be recognized!

It's easy to get trapped in mundane tasks of daily life. We get so caught up on focusing on our own goals, situations, and projects, we forget to remember that it never hurts to take a step back and focus on someone else for a few minutes.

Showing appreciation in a unique manner will always lead to positive vibes in the workplace and, who knows, maybe even a return of kindness in the future when you least expect it!

How will you show kindness this holiday season? If you need career advice on any work-related dilemmas or professional growth, connect with us here! Join Work It Daily's #1 online career growth club today!

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