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The first Friday of March has become the unofficial holiday of Employee Appreciation Day in the U.S. Some companies celebrate this day, while others celebrate their employees throughout the year.

No matter how your company does it, showing employees appreciation is essential to providing a good employee experience. Every company has different ways to recognize employees. Some may plan a big event around Employee Appreciation Day, while others may plan quarterly or monthly events to show appreciation for employees.

Some companies may show their appreciation with financial awards like bonuses or through offering additional time off, while others may have more modest ways of doing so.

The bottom line: It doesn't matter how big or small the appreciation is. What matters is that you take time to show appreciation to your employees.

If you're limited on ideas, or resources, here are some simple ideas for showing appreciation:

Personal Notes


Work can be a grind sometimes, so anytime an employee gets a note from their boss or supervisor expressing appreciation for their efforts, it can be a nice little pick-me-up.

Every company wants hard-working and passionate employees, because those are the type of employees that throw themselves into their work and are proud to represent the company. However, with hard work comes stress. That's why it's nice to check in with employees from time to time and thank them for their efforts.

These notes of appreciation don't have to be long. They could be written or emailed.

Many employees will just appreciate the fact you took time to recognize them. One little note can really work wonders for morale and motivation.

Company Gatherings

Employees gather for a Employee Appreciation Day activity.

Most companies will have some sort of weekly meeting to update the workforce on current happenings and to just generally touch base. Every once in a while, the company should hold a gathering instead to recognize the workforce and discuss positive happenings in the company.

Sometimes the workforce needs a good reminder of why they do what they do and the positive things that come from it.

These gatherings could be on or off site; it's a matter of company preference. The important thing is that the gatherings focus on thanking employees and celebrating the positive accomplishments of the company.

And, these gatherings should include food! It doesn't matter if the company provides the food, or if employees contribute via potluck, just as long as there's food.

Give Employees Some Control

Employee activity committee discusses ways to show appreciation for the workforce.

Some companies use employee-led committees to plan monthly fun activities that encourage workplace bonding. These committees can also be used to plan employee recognition activities or coordinate company community service activities.

Sometimes just giving employees more ownership of things within the company is the ultimate sign of appreciation. It signals to employees that management doesn't have all the answers, and that employees deserve a large role in shaping the company's culture.

Management should always look at their company and ask themselves where they can give employees more ownership in shaping it. Not only will this type of trust motivate employees, but they will feel appreciated.

What Does Your Company Do To Show Employees Appreciation?

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These are only a few ideas, but there are several more ways to show employees appreciation.

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