What To Do When Your PTO Request Gets Denied

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Did your PTO request get denied? Due to restructurings, layoffs, and crunches, companies are now buckling down on employees and their PTO. Here's my concern...

Quitting isn't going to help your situation.

If you quit because your PTO request was denied, that will, in fact, hurt your chances of getting hired. And if the economy tanks, there will be fewer jobs, and then it's going to be a lot harder to get a reference or explain why you quit.

What You Should Do If Your PTO Request Is Denied

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When your PTO request is denied, you want to ask why.

  • Why is this happening?
  • What can I do to make this timeslot work?
  • What would I have to do before or after?
  • How can I get to the point where this could be approved?

Maybe your employer can't approve the entire time off that you're requesting, but they could approve part of it. Or maybe your boss is just worried about some coverage, but you could assist in getting that coverage. The goal is to try to work with them on that.

But if you don't get your requested PTO, I'd be really careful about taking that time off anyways or quitting, because it could hurt you and your career.

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