8 Easy Ways To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Office celebrates Employee Appreciation Day

With Employee Appreciation Day right around the corner, you may be struggling to come up with ideas on how to celebrate the people that make your office a success. Below are eight simple ways to make your employees feel valued on Employee Appreciation Day.

Recognition is essential in the workplace. Taking the time to lift up your employees has been proven to increase morale, improve engagement, and reduce turnover.

It's simple: happy people do better work.

Use this holiday as an excuse, not only for individual recognition of employees, but as a chance to strengthen bonds among teams and foster a strong office culture. Beyond this holiday, instituting employee appreciation as a regular practice is good business.

Full Plates, Big Smiles

Manager orders pizza for his employees on Employee Appreciation Day


The way to anyone's heart is through food, and that is no exception on this holiday.

It would be an excellent idea to treat your employees to a decent meal. If you have a large number of employees in your office, you could have a meal brought in and catered. Spice it up by creating a taco bar, or satisfy those sweet-toothed employees with a build-your-own sundae station. Don't forget to research any dietary restrictions before making arrangements.

If you have the budget, splurge on a nice lunch outside of the office. This will allow all employees to step away from their desk and shake things up a bit. Just be sure the topic of work is not on the menu.

Something For Everyone

Co-workers celebrate Employee Appreciation Day


Getting a gift for everyone in the office is an extremely difficult task. Make it easier with a gift card. Who doesn't love a good gift card? Whether it is for the local grocery store or coffee shop, a gift card is the perfect way to make someone's life a bit more convenient.

Make your employees feel the love the next time they fill up their gas tank or grab that cup of coffee on their way to work.

A Personalized Letter

Woman receives a thank you note from her manager on Employee Appreciation Day


This is a gift that recognizes your employee while not breaking the budget.

Take the time and write individualized thank you cards or letters to your employees. Add in detail around what about them makes the office a more special place and how you notice all the ways they shine.

It doesn't have to be long or extremely detailed, but this personalized touch shows that you are an attentive manager and in-tune with the people who work for you.

Focus On Health

Co-workers take a walk together on Employee Appreciation Day


Let's face it. Most employees sit at a desk all day hunched over their keyboard. This isn't exactly the most healthy daily routine.

Take the time to promote wellness in the office by bringing in a professional, such as an ergonomics consultant or chiropractor. Try pampering your employees with an office visit from a massage therapist.

Consider gifting your employees fitness trackers or standing desks. An investment in their well-being is a great way to show that you want employees to take care of themselves and are concerned for their overall health.

Emphasize Self-Development

An office celebrates Employee Appreciation Day by offering new perks


If you have an ambitious team that is always up for learning more, why not offer opportunities such as workshops or online classes? Allow employees to sharpen relevant skill sets or learn something completely new.

Another idea is to bring in a guest speaker to teach the group a business-related topic. Find someone entertaining and engaging and make it a fun office-wide event.

Host An Outing

A company celebrates Employee Appreciation Day with an office outing


Consider heading out on a field trip like an Escape Room activity or a group cooking class. Make it somewhere that fosters team building skills while also allowing for a chance to blow off steam outside of the workplace.

Check out the calendar for your local sports team or concert venue. An outing to a non-work related activity is another great way to show gratitude and strengthen bonds outside of the office.

Spread The Love

Man being complimented by his boss on Employee Appreciation Day


Set up an anonymous compliments box and allow everyone to join in on the fun. Set the box up for the entire week and on Friday host an event where the anonymous compliments are read aloud and employees are further celebrated. Or, perhaps display them in a public space for everyone to see, creating a wall of fame celebrating each employee.

The Gift Of Free Time

Co-workers leave the office happy on Employee Appreciation Day


Sometimes the best thing to give is the gift of time off. Think of closing up shop early and only having a half-day of work or perhaps offer up an extra vacation day to be used during the month.

Allowing employees a chance to relax and recharge is the best way to set them up for success.

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No matter which way you choose to celebrate your employees this Employee Appreciation Day, by taking the time to recognize the value they add to your organization, you will not only boost morale but will bring your company to the next level through employee productivity and engagement.

This is a great opportunity to not only do something nice, but make your organization one of the best companies to work for.

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