3 (Social Distancing) Job Search Tips You Need To Know

Man follows social distancing job search tips

After COVID-19, simply applying for jobs online is not enough. Online job postings are getting flooded with applications due to record unemployment rates. Those who have been laid off now need to find a job. If you're in the same boat, these are the tips you should know as you navigate the post-pandemic job search.

One thing to remember as you read through these job search tips is that getting noticed, standing out to employers, recruiters, and hiring managers, requires you to connect with a human.

Here are three ways you can do that while social distancing.

1. Go Around The ATS

Woman goes around the ATS in her job search during COVID-19


The ATS (applicant tracking system) is notorious for tossing resumes and job applications. In fact, if you got rejected or never heard back from a company, there's a good chance your resume was never even seen by a human being.

That's why you need to go around the ATS, especially when the job search is as competitive as it is now.

So, how do you do that? It's simpler than you think.

The easiest and most effective way to land a new job is by networking your way into the company. Research the company, find employees who work in the area where you want to get a job, and connect with them on LinkedIn. In your connection request, make sure you personalize the message. Then, reach out to share the things you have in common and offer value in some way.

Don't ask for favors yet. Establish a relationship with these connections first, and then follow up on your applications and resume submissions with the connections you've made at the company. In the meantime, try to get your resume past the ATS by adding the right keywords to your resume and quantifying your experience.

It's all about your strategy!

2. Personalize Your Cover Letters & Intro Emails

Man personalizes his disruptive cover letter during the job search


If you're not familiar with disruptive cover letters, it's time to get your learning caps on! Writing a disruptive cover letter is one of the best strategies to stand out to employers. When the competition is stuck writing boring, old cover letters that are just a summary of their resume, you'll catch employers' eyes with your storytelling.

And that's what a disruptive cover letter does: it tells a story about why you feel connected to a company. It allows you to emphasize your passion for what the company does, while also hinting at what problem you are excited about solving for the company.

The same can be said about intro emails. If you want an email response from an employer, tell them a story about yourself and why you're reaching out. That will surely get their attention.

3. Prepare For Virtual Interviews NOW

Job seeker practices for a virtual interview


One of the most profound changes to happen to the job search as a result of COVID-19 has been the rise of virtual interviews. Before the pandemic, some companies would ask job candidates to do virtual interviews prior to having them come in for an in-person interview, especially if the job candidates lived far away or were applying for a remote position.

Now, virtual interviews are the new normal. So, it's important for you to get comfortable on camera before the opportunity for a virtual interview arises. You also need to prepare for a virtual interview like it's a traditional, in-person interview.

Just because it's virtual doesn't mean the interview itself will be any easier than an in-person interview.

You still need to dress professionally, answer behavioral interview questions, and prepare questions to ask the employer yourself. You should also practice until you know your answers by heart. A good way to practice for any type of interview is by asking a trusted colleague to do a mock interview with you.

To fully feel confident for your virtual interview, you may want to do a virtual mock interview, so the technology aspect isn't a source of stress or anxiety for you on your big day. Any and all preparation you do before your virtual interview will pay off, we promise!

Do you feel better about your job search now? We hope so. By following these three tips, you'll find job search success, despite the increase in competition and social distancing requirements.

Remember: You got this!

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