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5 Ways To Boost Your Professional Profile With Social Media

Social media is bringing the digital world and professional world closer together, so it’s no wonder a boost in your social profile is also a boost for your professional profile, too. Related: 6 Ways To Use Social Media To Network After College That said, marketing your professional attributes via social media isn’t exactly the same as posting pictures of your recent ski trip or sharing viral videos with your friends. In order to raise your social presence to a professional level, you must boost your profile using social media. Here are five ways to do that:

1. Choose The Best Social Site For Your Needs

With all the social media sites to choose from, it’s important to pick a site that works for your professional profile boosting needs. The tops dogs, of course, are LinkedIn, Google+, and, if used responsibly, Facebook. But, if you’re not an avid digital networker, then you should choose one or two sites that you’re most likely to use. In other words, if you choose to network professionally through a social site that confuses or annoys you, you won’t do your profile any favors. When it comes time to take the professional leap into social media, it’s a good idea to ask your friends and colleagues which sites they’re using and pursue those avenues.

2. Network Like You Mean Business

If you want to keep your professional connections alive as well as boost your profile, then you need to devote some real time to social media. Checking in on your social accounts now and then will result in you becoming a digital ghost. Luckily, social networking on a professional level doesn’t take that much work once you get into the swing of things. Being social on a professional level means updating your profile on a regular basis, reading and responding to all comments, and keeping track of your contacts’ profiles too. Likewise, adding fresh content to social sites is a great way to stay current, so try starting a professionally oriented blog and link to it through your social media accounts.

3. Make Your Profile All-Inclusive

Whether you’re using Google+, LinkedIn, or any of the other social networking sites, in order to reach maximum profile-boosting potential, your social profiles should include all of your professional information. LinkedIn, for example, prompts users to include everything from work experience to interests to education. If the social sites you’re currently using don’t already ask for it, make sure you upload an up-to-date résumé or something close to it. Whether you’re applying for a job via social media or you’re always on the lookout, including your résumé and any other pertinent information will ensure your profile is in boosting mode regardless of your career status.

4. Don’t Go Overboard With Your Boosting Efforts

With all this talk about keeping your profile up-to-date and current, it’s important to mention the dangers of overdoing it. In other words, it’s great to keep your professional circles aware of your career status, but it’s unwise to change your profile every time you get a pat on the back at work – especially if the site you’re using pushes notifications to your acquaintances. Landing a new job, getting a promotion, going back to school to attain a professional degree, and changing career fields are all great reasons to update your profile and notify others, but anything beyond the realm of general updating gets old quickly. Besides, if you digitally annoy all of your professional contacts, you won’t have any left.

5. Check Your Online Presence For Appropriateness

Even if your LinkedIn profile is as professional as possible, you should realize that anyone can find you. So, before you market yourself professionally through social media, make sure you’re marketable. Cleaning up your act means seeking out those less-than-professional posts and pictures and setting them to private or deleting them altogether. Likewise, in the realm of social media etiquette, make sure your posts, comments, tweets, and other social dealings are safe for professional eyes. Double check your privacy settings as well to ensure that people that aren't connected to you don't see updates that you don't want them to see. By following the social media pointers above, you’ll boost your professional profile in no time.

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