The Spiritual Job Search

The Spiritual Job Search

Our country is clearly in deep trouble, as you probably have already figured out if you’re searching for a job. Yet our clients are still landing at a good pace. Part of the reason is we help our clients at a spiritual level, not just at a skills level. I’d like to go off of our beaten path and share with you some of the spiritual secrets we use to get past the negativity that exists out there and help our folks find work, even in this messed up economic and political climate.

1. Don’t wallow! During these manufactured “crises” it is a temptation to wallow in the “news,” otherwise known as the media circus. Don’t. Remember the media makes money from making you upset.

2. Be silent and meditate. Learn to clear your mind and silence what we call “the monkey mind.” It is called that because it flits from thought to thought like a monkey flits from tree to tree. Learn to still your mind and sit in silence.

3. Let go of anger and bitterness. Too many people are angry and bitter, especially if they have been laid off or fired and are having a hard time getting re-employed. Letting go of this anger and bitterness is essential to finding both peace and employment! Learning to forgive, accept your share of personal responsibility and live in the moment are all vital elements to moving on with your life.

4. Living in the now. Each moment must be grasped and enjoyed for what it is. Regrets over the past and worry about the future are both wastes of time and keep us from living life. They also keep us from performing the actions necessary in the moment to find employment. Regrets and worry block our current creativity and solution-finding ability. Let go of both.

5. Get spiritual help. Certainly finding a good career coach is helpful. But finding a spiritual coach and mentor can be even more helpful. Many people have spiritual blockages to moving forward in their careers that are more serious than skill or network blockages (though these things can be problems, also). Our belief systems often dramatically affect our ability to move forward in any aspect of our lives. This is dramatic in our relationship life and in our career life, as these are the two most impactful areas of our lives. Get help before it’s too late. Feel free to contact me at for advice on how to find someone to do this with you.

6. Don’t hang with negative people. “Fire” any “friends” or family members who are negative in your life. You do need people to tell you hard truths from time to time. But don’t go to unemployed “support groups” where people sit around griping about how hard it is out there or commiserate with you about your troubles. Don’t hang out with friends who demotivate you. Get involved with positive, spiritual people who will help you keep “up.” If your family members are down on you and your dreams, talk to them about shutting up. If they won’t, go live with friends who will be supportive. I know this is hard advice, but it is essential for you to live your life.

7. Put positive material into yourself. Did you hear about the new Country and Western song, “If You Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart I’ll Find Me a Girl Who Will?” Don’t listen to “down” music, watch “down” movies, or read “down” books. Put positive things into yourself. As the old book title says, you cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought.

8. Vision. Visioning correctly takes discipline. It isn’t something that you can learn from reading (or watching) The Secret. Find a Teacher and enter a disciplined Path to learn how to create your life in the best possible world. But start to vision a reality that is abundant and healthy for you and those you love through effective visioning and creation.

9. Clear your body. This requires more space to explain fully than I have here. In short, your body retains energy that can be negative and impair your life in many ways. It is essential that this negativity be cleared. There are many ancient and effective ways to do this. Research well and don’t fall for a charlatan.

John Heckers has over 30 years of successfully helping people with their careers. He has consulted to executives from Fortune 500 companies, five-person companies, and everything in-between.

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