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Life is but a series of habits. It is up to the individual to determine how those habits will add value or detract from their life experiences. Related: 5 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast Here are seven bad habits you must drop immediately if you want to be successful in your job, your business, and your life.

1. Waiting for the ‘right’ time

Rarely is there a ‘right’ time for anything in life, yet so many people go through life claiming that they will work towards a goal when the time is right. Successful people don’t do this, because they know that opportunity doesn’t happen on their schedule, therefore you must seize the day.

2. Placing limitations on your success

What is it that’s stopping you from moving further up the food chain? As a result of social conditioning, many people begin placing limitations on their success as they reach certain stages of their career. Successful people don’t do this. They invite challenges and limitations and they break down barriers.

3. Comparing your success to others

A healthy dose of competition is a good thing. It helps you to work a little harder. However, you shouldn’t hold others to a higher standard than yourself and you shouldn’t judge your achievements or failures based on the outcome of others.

4. Waiting for the approval of others

Many people wait for the approval of others before they take action. It could be waiting for approval from your boss before you pull the trigger on a new campaign. Or it could be waiting on approval from your parent’s before deciding what degree to major in. Every circumstance deserves a different set of actions. However, generally speaking, you should never wait on approval from others to validate a decision. Successful people don’t do this. They take something they believe in and they go all in, rather they have the approval of others or not.

5. Being overly faithful

Faith is beautiful. It’s based on the foundation of believing in an outcome that hasn’t yet come to fruition. Being faithful is healthy. However, being overly faithful is detrimental, because what comes along with this mindset is the mistaken belief that someone else is going to make your dreams and desires come true without you working to earn it. Good things rarely happen without hard work, so if you want something miraculous, you must be willing to do what it takes to earn it.

6. Fearing failure

The fear of failure is subconscious. Often times it isn’t a rational thought at the forefront of your thinking. Instead, it is a thought process that takes place deep in the recesses of your brain that immobilize you from being able to push forward. Successful people don’t fear failure. They embrace it, because they know that the only way to rise above mediocrity is to face fear and conquer it.

7. Dwelling on the past

The past is nothing more than a series of experiences in which you have no further control over. That being said, to dwell on the past is a sure fire way to ensure you never reach your potential in the future. Your past does not dictate future outcomes, so stop dwelling on the past and instead dream about the future.

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