common interview mistakes

Woman makes common mistakes during her job interview

Your cover letter and resume have made a positive impression on a potential employer, and they've called you in for an interview. Now, you need to ensure the employer stays impressed with you and your potential in their organization.

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You’ve got all the necessary skills and expertise, and your potential future employer wants to meet you. Now, just one thing is standing between you and that great job you want: acing the interview. Related: How To ‘Fake’ Your Way Through A Last Minute Interview You may be perfect for the job, but one slip of the tongue or poorly thought-out response can destroy your chances, overshadowing all of your talents and putting another candidate behind that desk. These common interview mistakes are very common—human resources managers see them all the time—but that doesn’t mitigate their damaging effects. Be better prepared for your next interview by avoiding these pratfalls.

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