T.A.P. into CAREEREALISM (Get Free, Personalized Help from Career Experts)

(FYI - To enlarge viewing - click on 4 arrows icon.) By J.T. O'Donnell When we came up with the Twitter Advice Project (a.k.a. T.A.P. into CAREEREALISM) 6 weeks ago, we couldn't wait to launch it. However, we knew we needed to work out some logistical kinks and trial run it. Well, that's over and we are ready for PRIME TIME. I taped the video above because it just seemed easier to explain how our new career advice tool works. For those who prefer to read, here's what you need to know: First...You Need to Follow Us On Twitter (@CAREEREALISM) Those who follow us on Twitter get daily career news and perspective in short micro-posts with links to content that help you stay up-to-date and employable. Like our tagline says "EVERY Job is Temporary" - so those who give us 5 minutes a day, 30 minutes a week so we can educate them on important professional topics are using us like their own personal trainer - and getting great results. Guess Who Else Follows Us?(And, They Want to Help YOU!) A lot of career experts are on Twitter and following us too. So, we reached out initially to diverse set of 8 of them and said, "Would you share your expertise with our followers?" It's no surprise, these passionate careerists who love to help others all said 'yes!' @heatherhuhman - journalist & career expert t0 students and young professionals via daily advice column on @glhoffman - author of the extremely successful career blog that runs in the U.S. News & World Report. @sweetcareers - campus career counselor with years of experience and a killer resource blog. @Keppie_Careers - a professional career coach and columnist with years of experience in corporate America. @beneubanks - a career journalist and new HR professional who adds a valuable 'recent grad' perspective. @IPlawMan - an Intellectual Property Lawyer (good to have a lawyer's perspective for those touchy subjects). @gradversity - a student recruitment expert and founder of a blog to help first-time job seekers. @jtodonnell - as the founder of, I'd like to throw my 2 cents in too! Need Advice? Here's How It Works 1. You sign up for Twitter and follow us (and of course, read our page each day). 2. Send your career question directly to so we can post it (anonymously, if you'd like - just tell us). 3. Sit back and watch career experts post direct, personalized career advice for you on our @CAREEREALISM Twitter feed. So...what are you waiting for?! It's time to T.A.P. into CAREEREALISM.