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HELP! Auto-Correct Ruined My Thank You Note! What Can I Do?

Auto-Correct Ruined Thank You Note

In this week's edition of Well, This Happened, the series that lets you become a career coach, we tackle a workplace dilemma from Juan. Do you think you know how to answer this AWKWARD situation? Let's find out.

Juan writes...

WELL, THIS HAPPENED… I've been searching for a job for some time now. And, while I've been getting interviews, I haven't been moving forward in the hiring process. It's been very frustrating, but I have been working to improve my interview skills and I think it's finally starting to pay off.

I had an interview yesterday and it went very well. I connected well with the hiring manager and she said that I'd be hearing from her soon to learn more about next steps.

Because this interview went so well, I wanted to continue to make a good impression by sending a thank you note after the interview. [This was something I learned about while trying to improve my interview skills.]

So, I got to my car and I wrote up a great email thank you to the hiring manager and hit the send button. It was only after the fact that I realized auto correct had screwed up a couple of phrases in the email. The phrases it changed now make entire sections of the thank you note make no sense.

I feel like this could really hurt my chances of moving forward in the process. What should I do in this situation? I'm really excited about this opportunity and would be crushed if I lost out due to this mistake.

Ouch. I think we can all relate to you Juan. We've all sent out that email or text that wasn't proofread and it comes back to bite us.

Okay, let's see if we can help him out. If you were Juan, how would you approach this situation?

A - Do nothing and hope for the best. She will understand that mistakes happen sometimes.

B - Call the hiring manager to apologize over the phone and give your thanks that way instead. She’ll hear the sincerity in your voice.

C - Send her a follow up email saying you apologize for the errors in the previous message then write out the message again with the correct spelling.

D - Write a hand-written thank you note as a follow up and leave it with the front desk. This should cover your bases.

So, what do you think the right answer is? Cast your vote and let us know!

Also, be sure to check back later this week for our follow-up video that recaps the options and reveals the correct answer.

Good luck!