This Could Be You...

This Could Be You...

If you've ever wondered what a Work It Daily (WID) membership could do for you, a letter we got this week provides a powerful example...

Dear Ariella,

I am writing to personally thank JT and you for empowering me through the WID videos and templates with information and strategies to be confident and to execute an effective job search during the past 3 months that I was unemployed. Before I proceed, I am happy to note that I landed a fantastic job with my dream company. I start work this upcoming Monday.

Prior to “stumbling” across your site on YouTube, from a job seekers perspective the prospect of finding a job in today’s environment and the sheer scope of the effort overwhelmed me. I only knew what I knew and that was not very much to be honest. I was confused on many fronts and found myself going in circles, I had given up my job, my resume needed work, my portfolio needed work and importantly I needed work (pun intended lol!). The fact that I had not interviewed in 8.5 years at least did not help, frankly, I felt quite helpless and disheartened. YouTube has countless job related videos and I watched tons of them, but in my mind and my gut I felt that other than an odd tip or recommendation, overall they all missed the mark, many by a lot. When I saw JT’s videos my hunch was validated, whatever she said made absolute sense!

I knew that I had great potential but I was unable to articulate my value-add to a business and showcase the fact that in my mind I brought more to the table than other candidates. To use an analogy, my mind was like a box of jigsaw puzzle pieces each comprising of the aspects I listed earlier. It did not help that my box did not have a cover nor the picture to go with it. I lacked current and helpful information, direction and strategy, essentially the big picture and how to get there. The WID videos were spot on and amazingly helpful, they helped me paint the picture for my open jigsaw puzzle box!

I began addressing each aspect (resume, LinkedIn profile, interview questions, the 18 behavioral questions, salary negotiation etc.) of my job hunt one-by-one. I now felt reassured that I was making progress and I was on the right track. After several days of watching and re-watching videos, taking down notes, and ensuring my due diligence the fog began to clear, I was able to think clearly and I did not feel overwhelmed anymore. I formulated a clear, concise, coherent and effective job hunt story and strategy that showcased the breadth of my portfolio, my skills and experiences. This empowered me with knowledge to be confident to interview and market myself as a Business of 1.

Wow, what a transformation from being overwhelmed to feeling empowered and confident! Thank you!!!

I knew it was only a matter of time before I would find the right job, importantly, I was always “interview” ready, why? Because I highlighted my skills-set and experiences within the context of my business value JT so eloquently articulated – embrace change, be flexible, be valuable and be relevant. JT’s tips on answering the behavioral tips were by far the most critical aspect of my preparation. This allowed me to showcase and differentiate myself from other candidates and talk in business and not in emotional terms. Sure, I did not get every job I interviewed for, this was not necessarily because I did badly at the interviews, but mostly the roles weren’t a good fit. Yet, I was not discouraged I felt I got stronger with each interview, I learned from mistakes and did successively better.

JT was so confident, articulate and reassuring that she made me trust her judgment and content 100%, the same went with your videos Ariella, you were authentic, empathetic and it is clear that you are passionate about the content you are speaking about.

Ariella, thank you again for your time and efforts reviewing and providing feedback on my resume.

Please convey my “deepest and sincerest thanks to JT” she is such a force of nature, knows her stuff, is articulate and smart and it’s no wonder she is so successful. Thanks to the other WID presenters as well, I do not mean to diminish their contributions. You’ll make a great WID team!!!

Best wishes always!



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