Take Your Time Developing Your Personal Brand

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same concept applies to your personal brand, reputation, or business.

Trying to rush it, bombard people with it, and be too much in people’s way is NOT going to make them notice you faster or get them to buy more consistently. In fact, think about all the e-mails and newsletters that you now block, delete, and unsubscribe from. People tell me all the time they are only following and getting e-mails from people and companies that really connect with them and provide them with timely information they want and need. There are some really great professionals and companies who I like and admire but I just don’t want daily e-mails. Those relentless reminders, repeated offers, reframed messages, reminders about offers ending, multiple articles just posted on their sites? What’s the best practice here and does this help or hinder brand development and recognition? Just when I think I’ve gotten through all of these another slew of them downloads into my browser. I am really exhausted trying to keep up aren’t you? More and more people I am speaking to are putting new boundaries on e-mails and e-mail marketing. We know how important and effective e-mail marketing is but how often and for what reason do we need to be sending them? I am on my social platforms a few times per day, post two to three blog articles weekly at DeborahShaneToolbox.com, as well as write for several other business, career, and marketing sites and try to send a dedicated, purposeful e-mail out to my permission based e-mail list once per week. How much more do I need to be out there to grow my brand and authority? I believe the consistency of your activity, length and content of your messages and finding just the right frequency develops a brand organically over time. No need to rush it or bombard people with it. Let it unfold. Practice your craft and follow the current.

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