3 Underused Tools For Effective Job Applications

3 Underused Tools For Effective Job Applications

Job searching is a tedious process. On top of finding the right position and getting references in order, you also need to worry about the application process, which in most cases involves a resume and a written questionnaire. With other candidates vying for the same job, you need to stand out and get noticed. But how? Related:5 Great Tools That Showcase Your Skills To Recruiters Writing and preparation will be key. For your resume, writing, formatting, and submitting will be your focus. As for questionnaires, they can include anything from simple details to long answers on notable career moments. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional writer to drum up top-notch answers. You can just as easily survive the process with a few tools. In fact, the following not-so-obvious tools can help you write your way to that callback and the job. Here’s how.

1. Add Variety To Your Language With Word Hippo

Start off with the main drafts of your answers and your resume. You may notice that it’s easy to become repetitive on short answers or to offer the same type of resume description for each position. While it’s a quick way of doing things, it won’t do your skills or hard work any justice. Thus, the first step is to fix this. You can use a synonym finder tool like Word Hippo to give the writing a boost. This is a great tool that will help you find all kinds of words. By selecting different filters, you can find nouns, verbs, or adjectives. Or, even handier still, you can search for words that comply with tense, plurality, and meaning. You can also get example sentences with the word you’re replacing to get an idea of its proper usage. Don’t go overboard though. Replace words with careful consideration. Keep it simple and natural. A few synonyms here and there can go a long way to make your application a compelling read and keep HR professionals interested.

2. Run Your Content Through PaperRater For Spelling, Style, And Grammar

After you have the common and redundant words weeded out, the next step is to ensure your writing is grammatically correct and coherent. This means checking your writing for style, readability, and spelling. To do this, use PaperRater, a free automated proofreading tool. When you copy and paste your content in the text field, select the content type and education level filters. Click on Get Report and you can get a quick analysis of your writing style. Go through every report to get an explanation and statistics on your writing in that area. So, see how well your resume and application stack up. Look at your report and edit where necessary. Then, run the tool on it again. After a few edits, you’ll get your job application into a complete and coherent piece. The easier your writing is to read, the better it is for hiring agents.

3. Prep Your Resume For Submission With Sonic PDF Creator

After grammar checks, you’re ready to prepare your application for submission, which means getting it into an acceptable format. And most companies request that you submit the PDF format. Now, Google Docs or Microsoft Word can be viable options. Microsoft Word makes it as easy as clicking the Office button and selecting Save As...> PDF. With Google Docs, you can upload your files and then download them again as PDF. Yet while they both provide quick solutions, they’re also both very basic. A tool like Sonic PDF Creator, however, is a good alternative advanced enough for something as professional as your resume. This PDF Creator can add headers, compress your file, retain Word hyperlinks, and include security passwords, if needed. To top it off, you can do a lot with your PDF once it’s created. For example, you can append other required documents to your official PDF resume using the Attach Document feature. While it may seem minor, getting your PDF documents in good shape is important. Remember that these PDF documents are being submitted for review. It could mean the difference between getting that callback or not. Make as professional an impression as possible wherever you can. Applying for a job requires a lot of persistence. So, don’t let it discourage you. With a bit of help from these tools, you can put together an effective application that will get you noticed. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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