3 Eye-Catching Job Application Techniques That Work

3 Eye-Catching Job Application Techniques That Work

I have good news and bad news for you.

  • The bad news is that it’s a tough, competitive job market out there.
  • The good news is that it’s not hard to stand out… if you know what to do.
So today, I want to give you three techniques that’ll provide the immediate boost you need for your job application to get noticed - so you can get hired for your dream job. Related: 3 Ways To Practically Guarantee You Get The Job I’ll also share a great resource at the end that’ll help you implement these techniques as quickly and easily as possible. Sound good? Great. Let’s jump into the real problem.

The Real Problem

The real problem isn’t that the job market is tough, your resume stinks, or you don’t have enough experience. It’s what I call “The Shotgun Approach” to job seeking… You load up your shotgun with tons of templates resumes and cover letters and spray them everywhere… To any company you can find… And for any position that seems like it might fit. That’s what most people do - but it’s not what you’re going to do ;).

The Real Solution

You see, the easiest way to stand out above the vast majority of the crowd right from the bat is to tailor your application specifically for one company. I know, I know… But what if you don’t get the job? Well, odds are, you wouldn’t have wasted any more time on that one application than you have with using the shotgun approach. You may have to tailor your approach specifically for two or three companies… But here’s the great part about that. You’ll actually care about the place that you work! By narrowing your focus, you’ll get more of what you want in your life and career… and that’s what it’s all about.

The 3 Eye-Catching Job Application Techniques

Once you’ve identified 1-3 companies that you really want to work for (think big here - what’s your ideal job?), then it’s time to use one or more of these eye-catching job application techniques.

1. Shoot A Short Video

If you’re applying for a company that you think would be impressed by a short and creative, yet professional video teasing them about the value you bring to the table, then video is without-a-doubt the way to go. In fact, I just read yet another article about a highly desirable company making the decision to hire a new employee before they even spoke to him… Because his simple, 1.5 min video application blew them away so much. So, if you really want a specific job at a desirable company - then it’s worth the effort. Make a simple, creative video, and show them what you’ve got!

2. Build A Simple Website

Nowadays, you don’t need to know any coding whatsoever in order to build a simple, beautiful website. And if video isn’t your thing or you don’t think it would impress your employer, then building a simple website might work for you. It’s pretty much unanimous - wherever you’re looking for a job, basic technology skills are a plus. And using any of the tools you can find here, you can build a gorgeous website showcasing yourself in a unique and impressive way

3. Create An Online Resume

Yes, that’s correct… our 3rd technique is also online based Why? Because it’s so easy… it’s so cheap… and the first thing any employer is going to do when you apply is Google your name! There are plenty of tools out there, and you can get on online resume completed in a matter of hours. Each of these three techniques will instantly make you stand out above your competition and give you a fighting shot at your dream job If you’d like to know my favorite online tools for getting these projects finished as quickly and easily as possible, you can download my free resource guide here. Happy job hunting! This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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