Fitting Small Company Experience into Large Company Opportunities

Fitting Small Company Experience into Large Company Opportunities
Small companies have different structures from large companies. When you are looking to enter a large company, you may find your job description is associated with a less impressive title. You may find yourself reporting to someone who holds the title you used to have in a smaller company. This is not a demotion; it reflects the difference in complexity working for a small company versus a large company. A difficulty may also arise in presenting yourself as a candidate to a large company. Suppose the large company needs someone to supervise 80 people. From their perspective, if your last position was with a company of 20 employees total, you could easily be overshadowed by candidates from larger companies. So what can you do if you want to transition from a small company to a big one? These four strategies may help:
  • First, relax your requirements for a title. Concentrate on what is really important to you, such as opportunities for advancement.
  • Second, seek advice about positioning yourself correctly. When I counsel clients transitioning from a civilian role to the federal government, for example, I can determine their “level” based on the amount of control they had in their previous jobs (not just the title).
  • Third, make sure your resume highlights the breadth of your experience. Instead of worrying over the size of your current company, stress the size of your achievements.
  • Fourth, when you interview, carry yourself with confidence. If you know you can do the job, you will go far toward convincing interviewers.
You want the big guys to realize your small company experience is exactly what they need. Robin Schlinger is the founder of Robin’s Resumes which provides excellent services to those who value the best in Resumes and Career Marketing documentation.Read more »articles by this approved career expert | Click here » if you’re a career expertPhoto credit: Shutterstock
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