The Great Debate: What Type Of Resume Works Best?

The Great Debate: What Type Of Resume Works Best?

What are the types?

First of all, the two main types of resumes are functional and chronological. A functional resume concentrates on your accomplishments and experience, with only the briefest reference to your job history. A chronological resume details your jobs in reverse chronological order, the most recent position first. But what type of resume works best? Which do I favor? Neither one! The best modern resumes are a combination of functional and chronological. First, they start with a paragraph or list summarizing your main areas of accomplishment and your most valuable skills. Also, under that comes a detailed job listing, with information on your achievements in each position, in reverse chronological order. A straight functional resume is often viewed by recruiters as a warning that you have something to hide: a large gap in employment, a history of moving from job to job, or an inability to hold onto any one job for very long. Also, a straight chronological resume may force the recruiter to hunt for relevant experience and skills. The combination resume tells recruiters at a glance that you have the right skills and a stable, solid work history. To conclude, now that you know what types of resumes there are and how they both can be used, go out and fix yours today!

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