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Making a career change is tough in this economy, especially if you're over 50. But one woman is willing to take the challenge. On a quest for a more satisfying career, Gale Belsky, 51, is taking the ice cold plunge into job search. "I have friends who've switched jobs, acquired new skill sets, and launched satisfying careers after 50," Belsky says on AOL Jobs. "So, why not me?" Despite the discouraging job market, Belsky is enthusiastic about finding her new career. "I know the fact that I'm 51 in a lousy job market, and lack certain skills for certain jobs, makes my quest an uphill battle," she says. "But I'm not willing to give up yet." Are you over 50 and looking for work? Find out what you need to do to get your job search moving by following Belsky's first steps into the ultimate career challenge: changing careers after 50. READ THE FULL ARTICLE ► Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Learn how to land a career you love

One of the greatest struggles in life is finding your passion—the one thing that lights up your soul more than anything else. Society often tells us we should tie our passion to a job, something we can make a career out of and support ourselves on. The reality is that finding your passion and pursuing it is much deeper than that.

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If the stress of juggling school, work, and family is making life difficult, you are not alone. According to a recent study on college employment, 43% of the nation's full-time college undergraduates and 81% of part-time undergraduates worked while getting a degree. Not surprisingly, time shortage is one of the biggest reasons for students dropping out before completing their degree. So how do you make sure that you stay the course?

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Whether you're new to LinkedIn or you're a seasoned user, connecting with new people can be a challenge, especially when you're not sure what to write in your LinkedIn invitation. You might be tempted to use the generic "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn" template, but beware! By not personalizing your message, you could lose a precious opportunity to network.

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