5 Gifts Ideas for the Unemployed

5 Gifts Ideas for the Unemployed
In this current economy, we all know somebody who is “between jobs.” And, while we all wish we could give them what they really want – a job! We can’t. Moreover, giving them straight cash will only remind them of their lack of a paycheck and could make it appear you feel sorry for them. So, here’s a list of things you can purchase that will be appreciated: 1. Gift card to their favorite restaurant. People who are unemployed often stop spending money on anything that isn’t essential. Dinner at their favorite place is most certainly not in the budget. Give them the chance to enjoy a meal without worrying about the price tag. Plus, it will get them out of the house and in a different environment. 2. Gift card to their favorite clothing store. Similar to the restaurant, most unemployed folks don’t feel good about spending money on clothes when there is no income coming in. This gift will let them buy something fresh for their wardrobe. Plus, you’ll be giving them an added boost of self-confidence they’ll get from wearing something new and stylish. 3. Tickets to an event. Studies show that people who are out of work for more than a few months often start to withdraw socially. Studies also show this can lead to depression and prolong their job search even more. So, invite your unemployed pal to a special concert, play or comedy hour. Having a good time can do wonders for perspective. 4. Gift card to hair stylist, nail salon or spa service. Again, most unemployed folks are going to skip expensive haircuts, manicures and massages when they aren’t making money. And yet, the mental and physical relaxation that can come from these treatments can really boost the mood of someone who is out of work. Plus, it can make them feel better about their appearance too. 5. Career coaching services. Many unemployed folks don’t realize they need professional career coaching. One of the reasons they are often out of work for so long is that they don’t know what they are doing wrong. Then, add to that the fact when they’ve been out of work awhile and they don’t feel they can afford this type of service. Talk about a shame! People who really need help with their job search and personal branding can’t afford it. So, why not give them a resume design package or LinkedIn profile assessment. Better still, give them a three-month subscription to a career coaching membership site – that’s the gift that keeps on giving! Not only will you give them a credible coaching source to work with, your gift just might be the one that changes their life in 2012! Giving a friend or family member who is out of work a gift during the holidays has the potential to really change their life. In a time when they aren’t feeling their best, you have an opportunity to give them something that can make them feel better… and isn’t that what the season is all about? (The special offer on this page has since been removed.)Image from urfin/Shutterstock
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