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A lot of unemployed job seekers don't realize they are positioning themselves the wrong way to hiring managers. They approach job searching as a “vitamin" instead of an “aspirin" – which makes them less desirable to employers. (I wrote an article about why you need to be the aspirin for LinkedIn - click here to read it.)

Unemployment Quick Tip: Aspirin = Pain Relief

When a company decides to hire for a job, they are making a major financial investment. They don't do that for fun. They do it because they are in pain and need someone to alleviate the pain – like an aspirin. As a job seeker, you job in the hiring process is to identify the pain and show how you can relieve it better than anyone else. Saying things like, “I'm nice, easy to work with, a real team player," is something that is expected – and therefore, not valued. However, saying, “I can use my experience to streamline your processes to reduce the amount of issues you have which will save you time and money," is an aspirin, a true problem-solver. Ask yourself if you are doing a good enough job of figuring out why a company is hiring (a.k.a. what is their pain) and what you can do to alleviate it. When you focus on being the aspirin, you'll see a better response from employers!

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Fact: Nobody is ever taught in school how to job search. As a result, the average American is ill-prepared to conduct a productive job search when the time comes. And, if you were laid-off or fired from your last job, you are starting from a place where you lack confidence in your ability to sell employers on your value. It's time to break the cycle of ineffective job search tactics and get some innovative, fresh perspective on how you can get back to work. Don't miss this info-packed session! WATCH FREE WEBINAR ► Image Credit: Shutterstock
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