Unemployment Quick Tip: Target, Target, Target!

Unemployment Quick Tip: Target, Target, Target!

Most job seekers who have been out of work for a long time tend to think they need to cast a wide net. In other words, they believe they must open up their job search and apply to anything and everything they might be a fit for. That's actually the wrong thing to do. In this labor market, hiring managers are looking for people who are the right fit for the job. The responsibility to prove you are uniquely qualified rests on you. Since you can't possibly be perfect for all those jobs you are blasting your resume to, your time is wasted. Unemployment Quick Tip: Target jobs and companies instead!

  1. Identify your Interview Bucket List – a list of 50 companies in your local area that you would like to work for.
  2. Follow them on LinkedIn and then set up Google Alerts on them as well.
  3. Each day, review the info that comes in about these companies and try to find something of relevance that you can discuss with people who work there.
  4. Contact and invite people who work there to connect so you can ask about what you saw in the news and start to build a relationship with them by email.
  5. Once they accept, see if they might be willing to let you conduct an informational interview so you can learn more about the company first-hand as a way to prepare yourself for applying to future openings.
The secret to getting hired after being unemployed for a long time is to show you are focused on getting a job with a firm you know you can do great work for. This means doing your homework and connecting with people already working there. In doing so, you'll gain the knowledge and information you need to stand out when you apply for jobs at the company. Getting hired requires a strategy that targets who you want to work for. Without it, your job search is unfocused and puts you at a disadvantage as compared to better-informed, better-connected job seekers.

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