[Brand ME!] 2 Reasons to Use Video for Your Career
For years, when clients asked me, "Should I do a video resume," my answer was a loud, long, "Nooooooooooo!" Why? Well, in spite of the rapid growth of social media usage to advance our careers , the one thing that has never been leveraged effectively is the use of video. Many a "video resume service" has come and gone in the last few years. And there's good reason: We haven't been able to master a professional looking video that makes the candidate look good. That being said, I recently read an article on BNET that made me change my mind about the value of video for our careers. More importantly, some important advances in video technology are going to make being able to effectively present our professional selves "on-camera" a necessity in the very near future. Here's a highlight clip of the tutorial I did on video for your career which explains why you should use video for your career:
  1. Certain professions now REQUIRE a person to shoot a video.
  2. The rest of us need to prepare for our "on-camera" moment BEFORE the big day is thrust upon us.
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