5 Ways To Wear Jeans At Work

5 Ways To Wear Jeans At Work

While dressing up is fun, Casual Fridays are always welcomed with open arms - am I right? There’s no better feeling after a long, hard work week to finally slip into your favorite pair of jeans. But are your favorite pair of jeans appropriate for work? Even on Casual Fridays, it’s important to understand what’s acceptable and what’s not. For most companies, you don’t want to show up in your pink, pre-ripped-at-the-knees jeans (something that I may have done in the past! #Basic). So, what’s acceptable? What’s the best way to wear jeans at work? Dark wash jeans are your best bet, as lighter jeans might appear too casual for the office.  

Dark wash jeans
  In her article “10 Ways to Wear Jeans at Work,” Juli Alvarez suggests choosing a pair that feel like trousers. “A flat front keeps your middle clean, a slightly wider leg gives balance (regardless of your shape and size) and that belled-hem adds length to your legs,” she wrote. Yes, you want to wear a nice pair of jeans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your outfit! Here are five ways to wear jeans at work.

1. With a sleek blazer.

Nothing says “sleek” like a blazer. If you enjoy dressing up a little bit but want to reap the benefits of Casual Fridays, throw a tailored blazer over a cute tank top. #Classic  

2. With a POP of color.

If you work in an office that expects you to wear business professional clothing 4+ days a week, it’s easy for your wardrobe to transform into black, grey, and navy blue. As much as we love these classics, after a while they just get so… BORING! So, instead of opting for that black top (again), go bold - wear a patterned or bright-colored top.  
Tops / Necklaces
    But you don’t have to go too crazy if you don’t want to - you can simply add a colorful, chunky statement necklace over a white or black top.

3. With a pair of powerful heels.

There’s no better way to give your look a touch of attitude than to wear a powerful pair of heels. Not only that, but they’re always good for a confidence boost! Did you know that almost half of women feel that wearing heels makes them feel more confident? So, if you’ve got a big presentation coming up, make sure to wear a pair of awesome heels!  

4. With a long cardigan sweater.

Want to feel cozy but still maintain a level of professionalism? Try wearing a long cardigan sweater with your jeans. Not only does it make you feel a little more casual in the office, but it also looks great.  

5. With a cute pair of ankle boots.

It’s finally fall - that means it’s boot season once again! I don’t know about you, but I love a good pair of ankle boots. They look great with the right pair of jeans, and they always attract compliments this time of the year. Always a great way to wear jeans at work!  
Ankle Boots
    I hope you found these suggestions helpful - Happy Friday!

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